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Get  Ready for Christmas
“Noel” is quickly becoming a Christmas favorite!
Written and arranged by
Emily Farmer (piano) and Nicole Pinnell (cello)


Noel Christmas Cover.jpg

Sheet Music Now Available!

Emily Farmer Journey Album Cover

Journey is a faith-based Christian album, filled with beautiful piano music carefully arranged and written by Emily Farmer. Songs include arrangements of Amazing Grace, I am Child of God, 2 original works of Emily, and more. Some arrangements include Emily's 103 year old "bestie", Mac, who sings and plays along with his harmonica.


"I truly hope these songs will bring joy and peace to your soul!"

                                                            - Emily



Newest Videos

Newest Videos

Noรซl - Emily Farmer & Nicole Pinnell #lighttheworld

You Are My Sunshine- 103 yr old Mac Voorhees & Emily Farmer

I Am a Child of God- Emily Farmer

Journey -Album By Emily Farmer

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About Emily Farmer

Emily started playing the piano at 8 months old, using a high chair to reach the keys. After 8 years of formal piano lessons, Emily was able to flourish her gift by creating intricate piano arrangements on the spot and has a unique gift of playing music by ear. She continues to create new arrangements every day, looking for any opportunity to bring joy to others through her music.ย 

After years of creating arrangements on the fly she has finally put together her first album. Journey is an album inspired by Emilyโ€™s journey being led by God to create music for others. She feels that life is a journey that will take you to unexpected places, people, and experiences. Her album reflects the people who have been involved in teaching her life lessons, her adventures taking a piano to unconventional places, and the lessons she learned from God through it all.ย 

Emilyโ€™s bubbly personality, passion for music, and love of God leads her to various experiences sharing her testimony of the gospel through her piano music.

Book an Event

Invite Emily to play for your event!

Have Emily come to YOU to provide an uplifting, musical event. She has experience speaking and playing for all sizes of groups including Time Out For Women, Relief Society events, Young Women activities, family gatherings, and more.


Emily is based in Utah, but is willing to travel around the world! 


To schedule an event with Emily, please fill in the event information:

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