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My Story

It all began with an unexpected pit stop. While I was outside on a run with music playing in my ears, I heard a loud voice tell me "go in and ask if you can play the piano?" Surprised I turned and saw an assisted living center. I thought ok, I will go tomorrow.! I started to run again but the voice came again and said "go in now"! So in the middle of my run I went to the front desk and asked them if I could play the piano sometime. They said sure how about right now.?! Shocked, "I said ok sure!" Still in my running clothes I sat down at the piano and started playing. While I was playing, in walked a cute little old man with a little pep in his step and his walker. He walked over to the piano and said "Hey, when does the show start?” Surprised I said “ I'm not sure what I'm even doing here. I'm just playing music.”

He sat next to me on the piano bench and we became instant friends! That sweet man's name was Mac. 

While talking to him I noticed he had a really funny sense of humor and his memory was so sharp! I asked him how old he was . I was shocked when he said 99yrs old!! I then asked him when he would turn 100yrs old. He didn't act excited and replied "In 6 months''.

 He did not act excited at all, he didn't care, and it bothered me. This man has got to live to be 100 years old. No one hardly ever lives to a be century year old. So I made him a deal that day right there on the piano bench. I would come once a week and play the piano for him to keep him alive until his 100th birthday! My once a week visits quickly turned into visiting him everyday! I soon learned he played the harmonica and that's when we decided to make a deal together! “To bring people joy and make them happy by sharing our music!” We started playing our music multiple times a week for the residents. We even went on tour with our music! We got asked to play at a funeral! :) Along with speaking engagements , firesides, playing at funerals, he became my best friend!!

What I didn't know was how much that stop at the care center that day would change my life!! God knew what he was doing. 

Mac taught me so many life lessons. Many that I did not know would have such an impact on me when I was hit with some really hard health challenges. Mac helped keep me going while going through Lymes disease and receiving a traumatic brain injury.

I wanted to keep the memories I had with Mac, so I took him to a recording studio at 100yrs old to record our music! 

Months later I decided how cool would it be to put these songs on an album. Fast forward to today when we now have an ablum out called “Journey”.

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